Ostrich Solutions are at the Farm Business Innovation 2016 Show at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.  Entry to the show is free. The show is on 9th and 10th November, 2016.   We are discussing a fresh approach to Starting Ostrich Farming and developing our markets – offering an opportunity to start with market development.

Ostrich Solutions are in Theatre 1 on Thursday at 13.15 to 13.45.  We would love to see you to discuss new opportunities.   For further information on the show, you can access the guide here.

Our mission and objective is to help establish ostrich production as a viable international industry.  The company will use the knowledge and hard won experience of its principles, accumulated over the past 20 years to help existing and new ostrich production companies survive and prosper.

Our aim is to support new production companies and enhance existing companies to enable them to operate at the peak of current knowledge and good practice to produce ostrich in a sustainable and high welfare manner.

Ostrich have the ability to convert food to meat efficiently.  Since ostrich are birds, the meat produced has the normal attributes expected from poultry of being lean and nutritious.  However ostrich meat is red with eating qualities more aligned to beef than other poultry thereby complementing poultry meat production by providing a further alternative to ruminant produced meats.

Ostrich meat is acceptable to most religious groups around the world including Hindu peoples who cannot eat beef and the Muslim populations who do not eat pork.  With the projected increase in world population a further viable alternative meat protein is required. Ostrich, if reared properly has the ability to provide that alternative.